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Want to increase Traffic to your Website? Here is How

At the top of every businessperson’s wish list is the chance of acquiring all the customers in the world – only if that were possible. Coming in second is getting the highest number of visitors on their website.

Well, these are noble wishes. But they remain just wishes if you don’t take steps towards achieving at least a small bite of the gigantic chunk. In this article, we take you through proven actions you can implement to pull the mighty human traffic to your website – of course without charging you a dime.

1. The usual web traffic suspect

Yes, you guessed it right – social media! Talk of all the major platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and many others. Everyone uses these social channels for various purposes. Among all the users, not all are using social media effectively and with a predetermined goal.

As a business, get your goals, strategy, and implementation plans right, first. Secondly, stick to this plan for a specific timeframe. Assess and quantify your progress.

On to the main point: share links to your website blog stories. Short, quick, and precise links are most ideal for B2B scenarios. If you are a B2C enterprise, image-laden social networks like Instagram and Pinterest would serve your goals the best. Remember to maximize the capabilities of your preferred social network all the time. What works best on Facebook, for instance, might not produce results on Twitter or Instagram.

2. Vary your content

Among your followers and customers, not all of them have the same tastes and preferences when it comes to consuming your blog and social media content. A mix of varying content formats, types, styles, and lengths will help you stay relevant in the eyes of your followers. A blend of short tips, long stories, photos, memes, infographics, typography, short videos, animations, and targeted content will cater to all demographics and personas of your audience.

There is no quick-fix formula. The sure formula for success in social media and website marketing heavily depends on your team’s creativity, purpose, and consistency, with an unwavering focus on your business goals.

3. Craft captivating headlines

Remember that you are sharing your blog posts on your pages to attract readership. Compelling headings will guarantee clicks – on the minimum. A boring headline is an instant turn-off even for the most avid readers. Don’t miss out on getting people to your superb quality blog content by recklessly writing your headlines. It is worth it to take your time and learn the art of crafting great headlines.

4. Know your keywords – the backbone of website traffic

Search engines such as Google deliver search results based on what users type into the search box. Always keep this in mind for your website’s SEO parameters and paid search. Well-thought-out keywords will most likely show up on the first page of Google’s result pages.

5. Tap into the power of linking

Links are not only a way to give your brand exposure, they also serve the purpose of getting you new followers and leads. An aspect of linking that you should pay special attention to is links that generate referral traffic to your website.

What is a referral in this context? When established and authority websites, say Forbes for example,  put up your web URL on their page, you are in for numerous referrals, provided you stay up there and readers get to see the need to follow that link.

Links from external sources (inbound links) will, over time, get you on the map of leading brands in your niche. Do not forget the benefits of internal linking and outbound links too. They also serve a noble cause in your SEO and brand exposure endeavors.

6. Secure interviews with Industry Experts

Who are the thought leaders in your business field? Send invitations to these people and ask them a few questions relevant to your business. Publish this content on your blog and see how invoking such names will boost customer confidence in your brand. It is not a tall order to organize such interviews. Regardless of the size of your company, you can pull it off with a lot of ease. These individuals will also be happy to share your content.

7. Improve your website’s usability and responsiveness

People do not want to sweat scrolling through your website. Create an interface that is intuitive and easy to figure out. Your website must make sense across multiple electronic devices with special attention to mobile users. Why mobile users? They form a huge chunk of web visitors both in Kenya and in other places.

8. How long does your website take to pop open?

A quick site will guarantee the lowest bounce rate figures. If your website takes 60 seconds to load, that’s not a good sign. Consider making changes to the core and content. Avoid large image sizes and work with functional extensions. In short, work on the technicalities of your website for optimal loading speeds.

9. Participate in online discussion forums

It is almost certain that you occasionally visit websites and blogs that offer content relevant to your line of trade. In their comments section, you are presented with an opportunity to get your brand identity out of the closet. The most beneficial way to contribute is by providing helpful, creative, and intelligent pieces. You will begin to get noticed and traffic will start pouring into your website.

10. Engage your audience on social media

Social media was designed for conversations and human interactions – use it for that purpose. Your social pages are not information and news channels, they are discussion forums. Resolve your customers’ queries and respond to messages. Your prospects with develop trust for your brand. What’s more? You project yourself as a human and not a robot. You accumulate points on your credibility scorecard and your authenticity is, in the long run, indubitable.

There is more to learn on website and social optimization for increased traffic

Would you love to talk to us? Please feel free to send in your questions, additions, inquiries, and comments on this and other related topics. KoaMedia Kenya remains committed to providing user-friendly design, digital marketing, and branding solutions for digital businesses.

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Oduor Jagero
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