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June 3, 2019

Yazua Africa


What we do:

“We Raise Leaders”

We are a personal development firm that focuses on raising, positive, transformative strong male leaders in society.

We do this this through our leadership models that focus on developing and preparing young men for positions of influence in society through experiential programs, project based learning, mentorship and outdoor adventure camps and excursions.

Why We Do It:

The African continent has been plagued with catastrophic failures in leadership and development, putting at risk the very survival of the continent and its people.
The wealthiest continent in the world in natural resources, beautiful climate, rich cultures and wonderful people; we are unfortunately known for poverty, bloody civil conflicts, corruption, death, disease and high illiteracy rates.


We are passionate about realizing the full potential of the man for the good of society, developing responsible men who are well capable of leading the community to a place of self-sustenance and development through innovative ideas, engaged leadership and an entrepreneurial mindset.


KoaMedia does a full-range , all inclusive social media strategy for the organization and the yearly event, CMS Africa Summit. Yazua Africa wanted us to connect with their audience to build their brand, increase ticket sales for their programs, and drive website traffic. This involve(d) publishing great content on their social media profiles, listening to and engaging their followers, analyzing results, and running social media advertisements. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

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    Yazua Africa

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