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How to achieve Brand Authenticity and Uniqueness through Animation and Video Content

The business world has rapidly evolved from a pushy and salesy 20th century into a more real and empathetic 21st century. That is why every business person must make it a priority to maximize brand authenticity.

People want to be sure that what they see in the ads and promos is the actual stuff they get when they finally decide to make a purchase.

Realism is the new cool in town, and you do not want to remain behind. There are multiple ways you can achieve brand genuineness, but there is only a single one that will take you out of the crowd: animation.

What am I talking about? I am talking about using animated videos to get into your customers’ shoes. Your followers want to be sure that you understand their needs. Many other people are in the same business you are doing.

How do you stand out without being a copy cat? By fully exploiting the infinite possibilities of animated videos.

1. Use your brand style and colors in your videos

Visual elements of branding are so vital in your business goals that you cannot afford to ignore them. It will do you more good than harm if you decide to consistently incorporate your brand colors across all your marketing channels – from websites, social media pages, collateral, and everywhere else possible.

Work with your animation creative agency to seamlessly incorporate your brand colors in your animated videos. Be sure to stay laser-focused on your audience’s needs and how they will perceive your brand at the end of each explainer video.

2. Have a representation of your customers in mind

You have interacted with many of your customers either on location or on your online platforms. Now, to the million-dollar question: how well do you know these people?

Your customers’ habits, average age, emotional biases, style, how they spend their leisure time, and the places they like visiting. This knowledge will help you create a buyer persona in your animation characters.

That tailor-made human face in your virtual characters inspires confidence in your customers – they quickly identify with your brand and realize that the video addresses them directly.

A buyer persona will create a sense of humanity in your animated videos. Your followers, in the long run, can be proud to associate with your brand.

3. Social media is the ‘meat in the pie’

In case you did not know, videos on social networks are the new ‘king’ of content marketing. Over the past two years, video content on Facebook and Twitter has thrived in shocking proportions.

Twitter has made commendable efforts in making video content a priority on their platform.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, mentions video content as an integral part of Facebook’s current revenue growth and in the near foreseeable future.

Short videos are more likely to go viral on socials than any other form of content. And luckily, for lovers of animation and video content, your videos are most likely going to be seen by your target audience.

Why? Facebook’s news feed video visibility rate has more than tripled in the last two years.

Here are a two quick tips on how to make short videos work for your brand on social networks:

Develop a cross-platform approach – use animated and short videos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the same vigor and coherence. Keep a uniformity of voice on all your social pages, so you don’t risk confusing your audience.

Keep them short and engrossing – Long animations and videos are most of the time not fully watched by social visitors. Short captivating videos are fun and easy to watch for most folks.

A 20-second video is likely to be watched by almost 80% of your followers while a 2-minute video might be watched halfway through.

4. Pick a preferred style

How you present your animation characters and topics will depend on your brand personality and the purpose of the particular video. It is okay to infuse humor and fun into your videos without losing focus on the intended message.

On the other side, you may want to project a more serious and sophisticated approach in your explainer videos. The kind of style you pick depends on your type of industry and the choices you have made on how to present your brand to your target followers.

5. Avoid the ‘copy-cat’ mentality

If we were all the same in looks, talent, and skill, the world would be a very boring place to live in. Stay true to your cause and focus on learning rather than copying what your competitors are doing.

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You should now be ready to take on your social media campaign projects with confidence. Add customized and strategic animated videos to your to-do list of content creation for social media and online digital marketing.

Talk to us today to book an assessment for your upcoming animation project.

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