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Give your brand a facelift: Here are the top 10 best branding companies in Nairobi.

Every time the word ‘branding’ is mentioned, what comes to mind first is the visual side of it. However, branding is miles beyond the fanciness of graphics and the magic of video and animation.

You communicate your product values and character to your clients through branding. Your niche audience will always be having a mental picture of what to expect from your brand’s style of messaging and the unique delivery of your product. 

Branding, in essence, is what sets you apart from the competition. Your customers can easily pick you from the close-nit pack of competitors.

How do you execute a perfect branding strategy?

Here is a run-through on Money Monkey’s top 10 branding agencies in the Green City in the Sun.

You are welcome to make your judgment and see which branding agency resonates well with your brand voice and persona.

The self-proclaimed number one web branding and design agency has lived true to its claim on the top spot among the leading branding agencies in Nairobi.


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KoaMedia is a full-range product design and branding agency with footprints in web design, business video production, animation, content creation, social media marketing, and graphic design. The following are their services.

Social Media Marketing

Every brand needs a solid social media strategy, and yours is no exception. The strategy will give you the minor details of everyday content marketing that most small brands overlook. 

Also, while creating the strategy, you will critique whether the channels you’ve chosen will deliver results, given your business exists to meet the needs of a unique target market.

Creating a social media content strategy helps you to see the end from the beginning. Every content you create fills a gap towards the major content goal and fuels your sprint with consistency and undying resolve to exhaust your content calendar and meet your marketing goals.

Web Design

Your website is an essential introductory asset to your business. It is what your customers interact with before they transact with you. Your website is an essential introductory asset to your business. It is what your customers interact with before they transact with you. Therefore, you must put some thought into the design process; the colors, the outlay, and the visual parts must sync with your business’s key aspirations while still being customer-centric.


You want to simplify a complicated concept? Or you just want to sell and keep selling until you run out of gas for making the deliveries? KoaMedia Animated Explainer Videos are here to help you out. We sit down with you to talk and finally come up with a picture of what you want to be delivered. KoaMedia asks all the relevant questions on your business offerings and goals. If it is a cause, what are your desired results? 

You can take a tour of KoaMedia’s digital branding product range on its website. You could also drop them an email at Or you could make a call on +254 721 168 693.

Click Interactive

Click Interactive is a branding company that stands out for its knack for detail, expression, and passion. A walk through their website immediately projects their personality. 

A call to their office will only serve to assert your commitment to hiring their services.

They emphasize visuals while taking care of all the other aspects of your branding concerns in stride. 

Kapu Digital

Kapu Digital is a branding agency that provides digital solutions to your branding needs through content marketing, brand strategy, and website building. 

You may want to decide to tell your story through the listening ears of  Kapu’s team of 11 creative designers and branding professionals.

  1. Bixo Marketing

Bixo boasts of its prowess in social media marketing and business analytics. Most of Bixo Marketing’s projects revolve around brand strategy and positioning in the area of social media content creation, ad management, and how to convert your audience into loyal customers.

Bixo Marketing is currently running a social media management project for Pembe Flour Mills.

Express DDB

Express DDB is a branding company with a connection to the DDB multinational. Its branding ideas span both visual and messaging through the various digital technologies at the world’s disposal.

Express DDB can be contracted remotely for branding strategy and execution jobs in Nairobi and other towns within Kenya.

Briche Media

Briche Media is not only a branding agency but also a corporate events management entity. Theirs is a mission for creativity, engagement, and experience for various brands. Briche Media presents itself as the go-to branding company for startups and SMEs. 

You can reach them at or +254 720 953 165/+254 733 577 492. 


Grey owl also does market research, mapping, and book publishing on top of its branding portfolio. The firm is run by a team of 10 whose main language competency is Swahili.

A visit to their website was a bit disappointing but I hope they are doing something to live up to their values and core competencies in the brand-building business.

Vincia Marketing & Events Agency

Vincia Marketing mostly works remotely with its main offices in Nakuru. Aside from design, branding, and events management, Vincia Marketing prides itself on delivering compelling copies to its customers. 

The 10-member team also does photography, outdoor & indoor product activations, Truck-aided advertising & road shows, and influencer marketing. Vincia Marketing as a branding company is only 2 years old since getting public but is already competing with the “big boys” in the branding and digital marketing space.

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