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9 Surefire Tips to Grow your Business on Twitter

The rising popularity of social media platforms makes them a vital marketing tool that has been found to increase business exposure significantly. These days, an unprecedented number of potential customers can be found on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. For better visibility and increased sales, brands and businesses must find a way to tap into the invaluable resource that social media has become.  

In Kenya, social media has become an invaluable platform for a majority of the country’s population to work, play, or buy and sell. A recent study places Kenya at the forefront of social media consumption in Africa. With this increase in internet use, the Kenyan marketplace has become a potential goldmine for the nation’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and large corporations. Kenyan companies and brands that know how to take their business where it matters are poised to reap the benefits that come with investing in social media marketing strategies. A prominent social media presence on a global platform like Twitter is now a must-have for any business organization with a sales goal or marketing campaign.

Why Is Being On Twitter So Important?

With the average twitter user following five businesses, and 80% of Twitter users mentioning brands, it is an undeniably powerful platform for increasing the online reach of any business.  On Twitter, you can:

  •         Announce the launch of a new product or campaign
  •         Connect with influencers, old and new customers, and other major players in your business niche
  •         Monitor your competition
  •         Tell your brand story
  •         Share your best content

Given its importance, Twitter should definitely be a part of any successful social media marketing strategy. Its potential for helping your business grow engagement, build connections, and bring in traffic and qualified leads is worth the investment.

What Does It Take to Promote A Business on Twitter?

Standing out from the crowd on Twitter is critical, but can be tricky. With over 300 million active Twitter users  sending out about 500 million tweets daily, it is easy for a brand’s voice to get swallowed up in the chaos. This is not helped by the fact that the average lifespan of a tweet is only 18 minutes, and Twitter has on-going algorithm changes. All of these factors combine to make achieving visibility on the online platform, a matter that requires some expert know-how.

So how can you make your Twitter presence something that adds value to your online audience, humanizes your brand, and successfully promotes your services and products? Below are some tips to leverage Twitter’s power for your brand or company, and help you create a marketing strategy that works.


Get to know your competition

To find customers interested in what you have to offer, you must research those who are your competition. Learning about the marketing content and tactics they use will help you create your strategy. Also, your potential customers could be connected to these competitors already, and all you have to do is find them and give them a better offer. You can use a tool like Twitonomy to receive a detailed analysis of any twitter profile, including other twitter users who are most interested in them.

Build an eye-catching profile

Setting up your Twitter profile will give your business account a face to which your audience can relate. Compelling images can be used for banners, and the profile pic should preferably be a recognizable and unique brand logo. A relevant twitter handle is also vital. For example, adding a CTA like ‘choose’ or ‘get’ to the beginning of your company name will catch the right type of attention. Also, a helpful description or the addition of a website link and location to your profile will help your followers know more about your business. Such information must be updated regularly. 

Pay to be seen

You can boost your visibility on the platform using promoted tweets or Twitter ads. Paying Twitter to promote your ads and tweets is a good option if you are trying to advance a marketing campaign or achieve some other immediate goal. A promoted tweet looks just like a regular tweet and shows up on the feed of users who are not already following you but may be interested in your product or services.

Add value with your content

To add value to the content you share on Twitter, your tweets should advance an idea, educate, or entertain your audience. Connecting and sparking conversations will make your followers feel like you are speaking to them, boosting your engagement.

Africa24 Media, based in Nairobi, Kenya, has mastered the art of creating compelling content that keeps their followers engaged. Cited as one of the top 100 most influential Twitter users in Africa, their consistently fascinating content has made Africa24 Media a success story on the platform.

Recognize and connect with influencers

Twitter influencers already have the audience you are looking for, so building a good relationship with them is a good idea. Identifying and then engaging with them will get you attention, and create the opportunity to gain followers and pull more traffic to your profile and website.  Tools like SocialBro can help you find such crowd-pulling accounts. 

Hashtags matter

Tweets that contain hashtags get more engagement on Twitter. However, many people are unaware that too many hashtags can limit your visibility because you seem like ‘spam’. One or two relevant hashtags are enough for each tweet. And not just any hashtag should be used. Hashtag research can get more eyes on your content, and make you part of the right conversations. A tool like Ritetag can help you identify the best hashtags to use.

Safaricom, recently launched a celebratory conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #SafaricomAt15. In a successful strategy, they used a widget to aid users in adding their profile pictures to a #SafaricomAt15 mosaic before tweeting it. This tactic, and the hashtag, tied together the brand’s campaign tweets and increased the conversation among users. The three-month-long campaign was a resounding success, and Safaricom achieved a 50% increase in its Twitter SOV (share of voice).

Track keyword mentions

Tools like Hootsuite enable you to track any mentions of a particular word or phrase that is of interest to you or related to your business. When such tweets are identified, you receive a notification. You can then follow up the accounts and respond to them in a way that builds more relationships, creates new contacts, and drives sales of your products or services.

Use your pinned tweet

A pinned tweet is the first thing your audience will notice about you since it is at the top of your feed. Pinning your best content, or a tweet with the highest engagement, will make you stand out. Your pinned tweet could also be an update on a sales event or a current promotion.

Use Twitter analytics

After implementing your social media strategy, you need to measure the results of your performance. Using Analytics tools on Twitter will enable you to track how much engagement your tweets are getting. Tracking the metrics of your business profile enables you learn what content gets the best response from your audience and translates to the highest number of viable leads, as well as in what areas you need to improve.

It’s Time To Start Tweeting!

Taking your business to social media in an optimal way is all about engagement. Using Twitter to grow your business, by improving traffic and boosting sales, is a smart move in a digital world where your next customer is always online. Join the savvy business people in Kenya who are taking advantage of an unprecedented technological boom. At Koamedia we can create a customized social media strategy for profitably using social media. Contact us today to maximize your social media engagement and power your marketing campaigns!   

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Oduor Jagero
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