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5 sure ways you can revolutionize your Marketing through Visual Content

Going by the stats thus far, it appears most people are more impressed by visual content than the good old plain text. That is why, as a business person, you are assured of marketing success if you decide to fully exploit such valuable marketing tips.

Videos, photos, graphics, animations, memes get higher engagement rates than plain words. So, how do you get the best results out of including visual content in your social media campaigns and other marketing platforms?

We have picked the top five strategies you can implement to maximize the benefits of visual content. Before we get into the finer details of visual content creation and publishing, here are some insightful stats  and figures:

koamedia blog visuals infographic

1. Beware of monotony (understand variety)

Think of creative and fun ways to add images to your text content. Change the visual formats from time to time to incorporate variety into your posts and campaigns. For instance, you could do the following:

  • Post your product photos with accompanying captions. Try and do real photos of the real product. People trust actual service or product photos. Downloaded and highly-polished photos are good, but they don’t represent the actual appearance of your service or product.
  • Present your facts and illustrations using charts, flowcharts, graphs, and tables. Summarized data or processes are easier to grasp than chunks of explainer texts.
  • As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can provide a lot of information on a single highly detailed infographic.
  • Take screenshots of the ideas you intend to clarify and attach them to your posts.

Make good use of typography. Create beautiful words using fonts and typefaces and use them in place of the regular plain text or better still, lessen the number of words.

2. Intellectual-property rights infringement has consequences

People have spent time and resources to make their images, so take care that you are not found on the wrong side of the law.

Remember that ignorance is no defense when it comes to legal matters. It is, therefore, wise that you check if the photo or video you are about to publish on your page or website has copyright attached.

If you must use another person’s visuals for your brand or any other cause, be sure to ask them for permission. You will stay away from trouble if you can make your images or get free images from online platforms like unsplash or pexels.

3. Use relatable and catchy visuals

The photos you get from the online platforms we just mentioned are good, yes. But sometimes, they may not be the most appropriate for communicating your brand personality.

Take some time and use part of your revenue to custom-create short videos, animations, and compelling graphics for your prospects.

4. Get Social!

Social network buttons are an easy way to allow your audience to share your pictures.

You may already be having social media buttons on your website. Tweaking them for graphics and infographics sharing will give your visuals a boost in spreading your message to larger audiences across various social media channels.

5. Create visuals with SEO in mind

Image searches globally account for slightly more than 25% of all searches. Search engines are constantly updating on the specifics of what users are searching for on the internet.

SEO-friendly images are determined by the image content, focus keywords, and image description.

If you are having trouble setting up your images for SEO, you should get the advice of an SEO specialist on what parameters to work on.

Bottom line

What matters most in social media and digital marketing is strategy. Your results, at the end of the day, are as good as your strategy. A good marketing strategy takes into account all the important aspects of content media: timing, content balancing, user empathy, consistency, and creativity.

If you would like to talk to us about digital marketing and social media, please do not hesitate. We are here to give you valuable tips and guidance on how to get the best out of your marketing endeavors.

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Oduor Jagero
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