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5 sure tips on using the magic of humor in your social media management plans

The doctors agree with the good book that “laughter doeth good like medicine”. A burst of good laughter is good for both health and business. So, in short, humor is good for many things in life.

Funny stuff gets people involved with your brand and online conversations. No one wants to miss a chance to comment or react to that funny post, agree? Yes!

That’s why sharing that funny video or meme gets you loads of engagement, precisely shares, and comments.

Today, we take a closer look at some tips you can implement to rump up your engagement metrics and reach more people.

But first, why specifically are we focusing on humor? Humor speaks to the soul. It is a sign that you are human and humans love human relationships.

Ads or promotional content is good, but if overdone, it creates resentment among your audience. Just mix it up a little. Humor is one big flavoring ingredient.

Why not seize those appropriate moments, put in some resources, and make humor an opportunity to tell your brand story?

Without taking any much longer, let’s get started:

1. What would squatty potty do?

These guys simply can create humor out of nowhere. From their text, pictures to promotional videos, they are just outright funny! Where do they find the inspiration to do it?

That’s a valid but a difficult question. There is an answer, though: Always try and find that funny aspect of any situation and replicate the same in promoting your brand or product.

There is an art and lots of creativity about humor. If you are not gifted enough, as most of us are, make a provision for the comedian in your budget. The benefits far outweigh the costs.

So, don’t hesitate to spend that extra shilling if you have to. Investing in humor pays big in the end.

2. Don’t play dirty

Some jokes border on insensitivity, while others are just plainly offensive and unprofessional.

There are many example of companies that have made that mistake before. They ended up with an egg on the face and had to delete or edit the joke, followed by fountains of apologies that, in most cases, fall on deaf ears.

Well, it’s OK to be sincerely remorseful about your errors, but humans can sometimes be very unpredictable.

It’s good to be funny, but don’t cross the red line.

Career comedians, however, are famous for treading on people’s toes, many times. They can be forgiven. Why? Because it’s their main business. Showbiz is extremely competitive, so you can guess what is likely to happen in such break-neck environments.

If comedy ain’t your main product, then please stay away from those hot buttons — better safe than sorry.

Keep your professional senses awake and take note of extremities in the nature of the joke you are just about to share with the world.

3. Get your jest-meter cranked up

You want to get witty with your audience on all your social media pages? It’s very possible. The power of humor is highly underestimated. Humor has the potential to promote you into the league of the big brands (if you are not already a big brand).

Your ‘jest-power’ gives you an advantage over your seniors in your line of trade. For instance, you can create low-cost memes or share memes you have found online without worrying about copyright infringement court battles.

Memes and witty one-liners will leave your followers in tears, just in the same wavelength as the big-budget brands.

Look at this funny tweet by Charmin, a toilet paper and wet wipes manufacturers, (in fact, almost all their tweets are funny):

humor and digital marketing

Tap this link to see their Twitter page.

4. It’s not all serious all the time

We know business is serious, and you have to be serious more than 90% of the time. But it’s fine to take some time off and imagine yourself in the shoes of a clown. Yeah?

funny moments

Get the fun up in the background and let your followers find that hilarious side of your brand, without letting your guard down of course.

Marketing and self-promotion doesn’t have to be all serious all the time. Spare a moment to have fun and share it with your prospects.

Have a look at this funny video making fun of project management, while at the same time stating the everyday realities and challenges we all go through at the workplace:

5. Try out interviews

If you are a medium-sized company, you are lucky to have a mix of personalities in your team.

Pick out those out of the ordinary personnel and start a conversation. Record everything and post it out there if you’ve checked it and you are all good.

Your audience get to have a good laugh while at the same time getting to know your company and what you do.

Humor is a perilous affair

Yes, humor is good for marketing, but the hard-to-swallow pill is the risk involved. You are just not 100% sure that everyone will fall in love with your content.

For brands in the controlled industries like pharmaceutical companies or banks, all-out raw humor has never been a good marketing idea.

Before you even think of publishing your funny content, it is essential that you do a test run with your internal personnel and see if they can take it in with love.

Don’t expect all your followers to give you a thumbs-up. Because humor is relative and what is funny to me may be the exact opposite for another person.

When all is said and done, using humor in your social media campaigns puts at par with the top dollar digital marketing firms — you are presented with a chance to compete on fair terms.

Give us a shout-out if you happen to try out these tips and let us know how things are coming together for you.

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Oduor Jagero
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